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Allocation Funding

Training Allocation Information-AZ POST Allocation Funding

FYI - Agency allocation funding has been cut from the upcoming Fiscal Year 2015/2016 budget due to less AZPOST funding

Agency allocation funding has been approved by the AZPOST Board for the 2014/2015 budget year.  A brief explanation follows:

  • A fixed amount of the POTF budget ($583,934) is committed to agency allocation funding. It is broken up into two allocated amounts: 1) $2,000 per agency and 2) $18 per officer. As an example, an agency that has 25 officers would create an account of $2,450. As always, POTF funding can only be used for sworn personnel.
  • The funds can be used for police training for any level personnel, officer/deputy to executive. The training must be actual training. College Courses, Expositions, exhibits, conferences where there are mainly meetings and little training do not qualify.  Refer to Instructions for full information.
  • Spending Exception for 2014/2015, the Board approved expenditures towards the repair or purchase of items utilized for Judgmental Shooting, i.e. Firearm Simulator Equipment and/or Simunitions.
  • Once an agency identifies the training they would like to attend, they must submit the fillable application form requesting pre-approval from AZPOST and attach the flyer, brochure or other information describing the training, registration costs, any necessary travel costs, and per diem if it is out of town or out of state. Once reviewed and approved by AZPOST, the agency will be notified of the approval.
  • After the training is completed the agency will have 60 days to submit for reimbursement up to the amount remaining in their allocation account. It is important that agencies submit their receipts as soon as possible so their account can be reconciled and their balance can be accurately reflected. AZPOST will track the amounts encumbered for future requests as well as the amounts reimbursed.
  • Agency training coordinators should be aware of the commitments they have made using allocation funding and their remaining balance so they don't over commit and not have a program approved due to a lack of funding.
  • All Applications for reimbursement must be submitted by June 15 to ensure payment in the proper fiscal year.

Allocation funding is a great way to provide training that is not provided through the AZPOST training classes or for those specialty programs that never seem to come to Arizona.

Allocations Balances


Application Form(Fillable PDF Format)

Training Program Review-Application Instructions

Allocation funds may be used for law enforcement training for all of sworn personnel, officer/deputy through executive levels. The training must be law enforcement related and cannot be a conference or  where training is a sidebar to exhibits or membership meetings. College courses are not eligible for allocation funding.

If there is any question regarding the type of training being considered please contact the Training Unit at AZPOST to see if a determination has been made regarding the particular training being considered or similar types of training.   Check the agency’s allocation fund balance with the agency’s training coordinator.  You will receive approval if the agency has allocation funds and the training is approved by AZPOST Training Staff. 

Complete the allocation funding application ensuring the following information is correct:

  • Name/s and the last four of the Social Security numbers of sworn personnel to attend the training.
  • Title of the training program, the presenting agency or organization, the location and the date/s of the training.
  • List the costs associated with registration, airfare, lodging and per diem.
  • Describe any other cost involved with the training and attach a memo identifying why the cost is a necessary part of the program, i.e. materials and supplies. 
  • Requests for equipment purchases or repairs related to Judgmental Shooting: Submit your written pre-approval request in memo form with an itemized list of requested items to purchase. Agencies may pool their allocation funds with neighboring allocation funds in a partnership to purchase Judgmental Shooting related equipment. In these partnerships, one agency must take the lead in accomplishing the purchase, the pre-approval memo must include authorized signatures from all agencies involved.
  • Have the agency head or training coordinator sign the application and provide a contact phone number for any necessary follow up.
  • A fillable application form(link is external) in Adobe PDF format is available for download on the website (right click and save to your local folder). Applicable fields can then be filled out with the appropriate information and then the entire form can then be printed.  (It cannot be saved unless a full version of Adobe Acrobat is installed on your workstation).  Complete the form, email or U.S. Mail it along with supporting documents to AZPOST, 2643 E. University, Phoenix, AZ  85034 or fax them to (602) 244-0477.

AZPOST Review and Appraisal

AZPOST will review the application in a timely manner and send the agency a confirmation of their approved application via email. At the time of approval the agency’s allocation fund will have the amount approved encumbered which will reduce their balance and reserve funds to reimburse the agency costs.


The agency should use this approved application to submit for reimbursement when the training is complete. The reimbursement process will work the same as with any training. Documentation needs to be submitted that shows the agency paid the training costs identified in the original application and receipts are required for all expenses.

Authorized State of Arizona Lodging and Meal Reimbursement Rates

Note:  The request for reimbursement shall be submitted with 60 days of the completion of training and be in compliance with Rule R-13-4-117.  Any training occurring in June must be submitted by July 8th to ensure payment in the proper fiscal year.

Last updated June 23, 2015