Not normally, Peace Officer Training Funds (POTF) are only authorized for certified peace officers. On rare occasions, if a class is not full and does not have a waiting list, an agency may be allowed to send a civilian employee. When civilians are allowed in a class, all lodging and per diem must be paid for by the agency.

Agencies with 99 officers or less can request 2 seats in the lottery, agencies with 100 or more officers can request 1 seat. Occasionally, classes with unlimited seating will be announced.

No, Instructor Certificates are a one-time issue to the student upon completion of the class.

Class times are part of the training announcement located in the ASSC system.

The student entrance door is located at the northwest corner of the building, It is unlocked at 7:15 am on class days.

The student parking lot is located out back or the southwest side of the building.

An agency may issue a PA form, Program Compliance Confirmation Form, for CONTINUING training credits for any e-learning program distributed on an e-learning platform that has an interactive component and a testing component. E-learning distributions cannot be used for proficiency training credits.

Contact your Agency Training Coordinator; they have the ability to register for classes. AZPOST recognizes only one Training Coordinator per agency. As the Training Coordinator you can register for classes via the Agency Self Service Center (ASSC).

ASSC is the Arizona Agency Self Service Center. It gives authorized personnel (authorized by the agency head) the ability to complete online training registrations, submit electronic forms, access personnel tools, etc., depending on the authorization that your agency has given you. For more information see the ASSC forms.

As of Dec 5, 2022, AZPOST no longer vets Vendors for AZPOST training credit.  Agencies are now responsible for the vetting of any Vendors they would like to use for training.  If you are a Vendor, please contact the agency you would like to teach at and the agency will be able to help you. 

The applicable rule is listed as: R13-4-111.f. - "If an agency wishes to host an outside-provider continuing training course:

  i. Both the agency and outside provider shall comply with the provisions of subsections (A)(3)(c)(i) through (iii)."

Only AZPOST Master Instructors (MIs) and/or instructors traveling and teaching AZPOST instructor schools with AZPOST approval need to keep lodging and per diem receipts.

Appropriate dress is business casual or a uniform (if required by your agency) for all classroom based training. This excludes denim pants and shorts. Other training such as firearms will usually have remarks about the appropriate dress for the class when announced.

No, classes are free and are normally filled utilizing a lottery system for available seats with those agencies that have registered via the ASSC system. Agencies may lose their lottery obtained seats if they do not provide a name into the ASSC system by the required date. At that time, the agency that is next up on the wait list will be offered the seat.