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AZPOST Certification Process

Out of state recruits who have been certified in another state may be eligible to participate in the AZPOST waiver process. Only persons who have already been appointed by an agency can participate in a waiver. Persons seeking Arizona Peace Officer Employment may not participate in the waiver process prior to securing appointment from an agency. - Click here to read more about the waiver process.

Persons who are not pursuing a waiver must complete an Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, along with the Comprehensive Final Exam (See AZPOST Rules R13-4-110).

In addition to training requirements, AZPOST rules define other numerous factors used to determine qualification for certification. Among them are standards regarding a person’s background and criminal history, drug usage, and medical history and conditions. Each person applying for certification is required to complete a comprehensive polygraph exam. Persons seeking certification are highly encourage to review AZPOST rules to ensure they will qualify prior to beginning the process (see link above). Keep in mind that securing an appointment as an officer by an Arizona Law Enforcement Agency does not automatically translate into being qualified for certification. AZPOST can, and does deny certification to person who have been offered employment if AZPOST determines they do not meet standards.

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Waiver Process

Individuals who have served honorably as a peace officer in Arizona and their certification as a peace officer has lapsed, or served in another state or a federal agency, may be eligible to be a certified Arizona law enforcement officer by successfully completing the waiver testing process. The waiver tests are administered in lieu of attending an Arizona peace officer basic course at an academy.

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